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    We believe stories matter, and we believe in the power of storytelling through film. We believe entertainment and art can ask bold questions as they challenge us to think differently. We believe in the power of cinema to help us reflect upon ourselves, and to provide the window through which we experience and understand other people and cultures.

    We work with films that reveal our common humanity, contribute to our reflection on the challenges of our times, and celebrate the diversity that makes the world a fascinating place to live. Whatever the region and country, no matter how local, we select films we think have something to offer to the rest of the planet.

    In our world of peak content, with more to do and watch than ever before, this is our passion and our mission. We believe it's important for great films to be seen by as large an audience as possible.


    We approach each aspect of our mission with commitment and creativity. We thrive on hard work, productivity and results. By handling responsibilities often shared between multiple companies or partners, we're able to operate more efficiently, saving filmmakers valuable time and money while maximising exposure and revenues. We don't shy from details and we're known to negotiate passionately on behalf of our filmmakers. Our specialization in both festival and commercial distribution allows us to devise a big picture strategy that serves each film's best overall interests.

    We value transparency and fairness in all aspects of our work, from our standard conditions to being accurate and on time with all reporting. Our filmmakers are always in the loop and know exactly what's going on with their movie.

    Our long-term relationships are our highest priority and our greatest value. We exist on the connections we've built over years with producers, directors, festival programmers and buyers. Thanks to this amazing community of collaborators, we have developed and nurtured our diverse network around the globe, allowing us to mobilize different strategies and position all different kinds of films for the international market.

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    We also acquired several libraries from producers, our catalogue contains 150+ high-quality short-films.


    Salaud Morisset distributes a selective slate of 5-6 handpicked short films per year we believe to be exceptional. Working in close collaboration with our filmmakers, we handle all aspects of distribution – from festival submissions and print traffic to TV sales and multi-territory deals with streaming platforms. We collaborate with all of the established short film buyers while continuously seeking out new partners and revenue streams. We also coordinate cost effective, strategic awards campaigns for the short film categories at the EFA’s, BAFTA’s and Oscars.

    Over the years we have formed close partnerships with hundreds of film festivals worldwide including all Academy Award qualifying festivals. Our films travel widely and each of our titles receives an average of 80 festival selections.

    Salaud Morisset is also a community. We facilitate contact and collaboration between the filmmakers we represent and our wider network. In the past couple of years we've supported some of our short film directors making the jump to features, backing them through our expertise and contacts with producers, sales agents and talent agencies.


    "Bastard Morisset, you're disgusting, your days are numbered Morisset... Bad things are going to happen to you Morisset!"

    François Morisset creates Salaud Morisset in 2007, naming the humble enterprise after a salty, self-deprecating reference to his homonym in a classic New Wave film LES QUATRE CENT COUPS by François Truffaut.

    But instead something good happens. Over the next few years Salaud Morisset grows into one of the leading outfits for short film distribution. Today we're a close-knit team of seven stretching across Berlin and Paris.

    SALES - Zoé Rossion & Paul Jullien
    ACQUISITIONS - Victoria Braunholz & Léa Triboulet
    PRODUCERS - Laura Jumel & Victoria Braunholz
    FESTIVALS - Léa Triboulet & Paul Jullien

    Contact us: festival@salaudmorisset.com

    We cannot consider unsolicited film applications.

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